Friday, December 26, 2014

Hottest Hair Trends for 2015

Messy Bun Tips & Tricks
Baby Lights
In the new year, we will start to see the the contrasting chunks of balayage transition into a softer more natural look. Fine highlights will be all the rage, enhancing a neutral base color. Inspired by the hair of a child, baby lights will soften the color of your hair while adding dimension and shine!
For years, stylists have favored long naturally blended layers, but in 2015 hair will be taking on a new shape. Shorter layers creating a soft shaggy texture are on the hair horizon, allowing for super-sleek blowouts with lots of movement and volume. This cut also supports a fun beachy texture that requires little to no styling.
Behind The Chair - Step-By-Steps braided chignon.Kept-Up
In the months to come, we will witness the beginning of the reign of the updo. From braided chignons to French twists embellished with ornate accessories (as seen on European runways), we will see this look take on both formal and casual angles. 
Bang Bang
Peter Dundas & Luigi Murenu reference Jane Birkin and Marianne Faithful with soft, fringy bangs on Andreea Diaconu @ Emilio Pucci.  #brilliant #bangsdoneright #proceedwithcautionAlthough always a classic winter look, bangs will transition into the new season in mid-2015. This fringe-y look perfectly complements the shaggy layers that will be manifesting next year and be super versatile and easily styled. Leaving your fringe on the long, shaggier side will allow you to push them over to the side as well as part them down the middle, changing your look daily.
While it's sad to say goodbye to 2014 we at Bella Toccare relish in the exciting new things to come next year. The looks of 2015 will no doubt be refreshing, inspired and adventurous! Until then we wish you a safe and happy New Year!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Breast Cancer Research Foundation Event

Every year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Aveda releases a limited-
edition of our bestselling hand relief™, and donates a portion of the purchase price from each sale to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF) for cruelty-free research. This year, for the month of October, Aveda will donate $4 U.S. from the purchase price of each hand relief™ to the BCRF.* BCRF is a nonprofit organization founded in 1993 by Evelyn H. Lauder and is the only national organization strictly dedicated to funding clinical and genetic research on breast cancer at medical institutions across the country. For more information about BCRF, visit

Donations from Aveda are used to fund cruelty-free research exploring environmental causes and links to breast cancer such as exposure to toxic chemicals and pollutants. For many years now our funding has been directed to a specific research project at Columbia University in New York that studies the interaction between environmental exposures and genetic susceptibility to breast cancer. Future funds will support this or similar projects.

GIVE YOURSELVES A HANDYour contributions to breast cancer fund-raising through Aveda have added up to more than $3 million since 2001. This money comes not only from corporate contributions, but also from employees and guests who have an opportunity to donate to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® through fund-raising activities held by the Aveda network throughout the month of October.

*Maximum annual donation of $300,000 U.S. to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®.

We will be offering some "pink" services on Wednesday, October 22nd from 4 - 8 pm with all proceeds benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  

Services available:
  • Mani/Pedi Pink Sugar scrub add on
  • Pink Nail art
  • pink hair extensions
  • 10 minute chair massages

 Renee Hiles will also be showing Origami owl jewelry and donating 10% off the sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Spray Tanning - the safest way to the bronze glow we all want

 We take pride in offering you an airbrush spray tan with Norvell Sunless.  Norvell®, a name synonymous with ground breaking sunless tanning innovation continues to develop and manufacture technological breakthroughs in the sunless industry. Founded in 1983, Norvell Skin Solutions, LLC is owned and operated by three generations of the Norvell Family.

With a company mantra that has always been “Healthy Skin Tans Best!”, Norvell® offers a complete sunless system designed to prepare and nourish the skin, so clients not only experience beautiful tanning results, they also enjoy gorgeous, youthful, healthy skin.

What is a custom spray tan?

A custom spray tan is a 1-on-1, personalized, spray tanning session with a professional sunless technician.  The spray tech, using a high-pressure spray gun, will apply sunless solution to the areas you desire during your scheduled session.  Sessions often include full-body application, legs only, or facial sprays.

By allowing a professional to apply the spray solution you can ensure a flawless even application, especially on hard to reach areas such as the back.  Sunless sessions usually last around 15-30 minutes (this includes drying time) and results can be expected to last 5-7 days.

Benefits of a spray tan

  • Boost your self-confidence, feel fantastic, look radiant and be the envy of your friends.
  • Maintain a healthy, natural, golden glow anywhere and anytime.
  • Provides a smooth, streak-free, even application .
  • Accentuate your features and appear slimmer.
  • Even out skin imperfections, minimize the appearance of stretch marks & varicose veins.
  • Perfect for special occasions, spa parties, bridal parties, prior to vacations or last minute tanning.
  • Allows for the tanning of specific body regions or hard to tan areas.
  • Eliminates tan lines.
  • Quick and Convenient alternative to traditional tanning
  • Choose your desired level of darkness and achieve instant results.
  • Combine with a short UV Tanning stand-up session for a ‘tanning cocktail’ allowing accelerated tanning results.
  • Mobile salons offer the added benefit of bringing the professional directly to you.
Ready to get your spray tan?  Call 440-526-3090 and make an appointment today and take $5 off your first full body spray tan with Kathleen

Top Cute Girly Hairstyles

Girly, sweet, cute… All the most beautiful words in the dictionary aren’t enough to describe the entire charm of simply bows, which feature such a high dose of romanticism and femininity! There would hardly be any girl, who hasn’t worn a bow at least once in her childhood, while going proudly to school or simply showing herself off among her cutie peers. Since bows seem to be never losing their trendiness and classiness, we suggest checking out the following girly hairstyles with bows and giving your favorite ones a try!

There are two basic ways of styling hair with bows: wearing a bow hair accessory or making a hair bow! Both are chic and elegant, you just need to consider your own preferences, hair length and the occasion. If you have short hair and want to add a girly vibe to it, surely you should go for bow hair accessories, instead of making hair bows, as it would be something simply impossible. On the other hand, if you have long tresses and are already tired of your daily looks, seeking for some innovation and creativity, make a hair bow! Create a half-up half-down hairstyle and finish your look off with a top bow. Or just style a top bun, spiced up with a hair bow.

Bows look amazing both on updo hair and loose styles. Just consider the occasion and your mood and create the style that is closer to your heart! Get inspired from these lovely girly hairstyles with bows and recreate your favorite look!

You see, bows are inherently girlish and sweet and, when worn well, give off a young, fresh and even flirty vibe. And despite what many think, bows are appropriate for all ages and aesthetics, so don’t restrict them to use by schoolgirls and Lady Gaga.

 So, are you ready to put some more fun in your bun?!

The Snow Queen is Freezing Bella Toccare

We can't wait to share our love of all things princess and fun with your little Princess.  Call now 440-526-3090 to schedule your spot with our very own Snow Queen. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Don't let your eyebrows age you

4 eyebrow challenges and how to shape yours perfectly

What's Your Arch Enemy?

You slather creams around your eyes, touch up your grays, and do time on the treadmill—but what have you done for your eyebrows lately? If you've never given much thought to your arches beyond the occasional tweezing, now is probably a good time to start. "Like your skin and hair, your brows can make you look older then you are," says brow expert Kathleen Mahn, Esthetician at Bella Toccare de Spa & Salon. "Over time brows thin and grey" And just as a new hairstyle can trim away the years, a well-groomed, well-defined brow can lend your face a years-younger look.

Whether yours are thinning, fading, or graying, we help you get them in shape!

1.  Vanishing Brows

The Problem: Like thinning hair, sparse brows come with age, so they make you look older than you are.

The Solution: Use a brow powder, pencil,  or eye shadow to fill in patchy spots and make your arches look thicker.

Your Fix for Vanishing Brows

1. Start by gently pulling your skin taut with one hand to create a smooth surface.

2. With a stiff, angled brow brush, dust on the powder in the same direction your hairs grow, using light, feathery strokes. Concentrate on sparse areas.  Start by prepping the skin with your eye cream.  Aveda's Green Science eye cream does a great job.  With cream you can more easily blend the powder or pencil to look more natural and less like a pencil or powder.

3. When you're finished, brush the hairs up and out with a clean mascara wand; this blends and softens the powder so it looks more natural and removes any excess powder.

2. Disappearing Tails

The Problem: Brows naturally thin at the outer edges (by your temples) first, but a fast fade can also be the result of overplucking. The tail of the brow is the part that sets off the arch, which makes eyes look youthful and sexy.   The eyes seem droopy and tired with out that tail.

The Solution: Lengthen your brow tails with a pencil or powder.

Your Fix for Disappearing Tails

1. First, determine where the tail of your brow should end by holding a pencil diagonally from the outside corner of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye. The spot where the pencil intersects with your brow is your target.

2. Extend your brows to that point by using the brow pencil or powder over cream to sketch light, feathery strokes in the same direction your hairs grow.

3. Set the pencil—and blend the penciled-in tails with the rest of your hairs—by stroking a tinted brow gel over the entire length of your eyebrows.

3.  Graying Brows

The Problem: "From afar, gray or white brows disappear completely, which makes your features look unbalanced," our estheticians explain.

The Solution: Camouflage colorless hairs using the right technique, which depends on the number of grays you have.

Your Fix for Graying Brows

1. Hide a few strays with a brow marker that matches your eyebrow color; the felt-tip point lets you paint hairs precisely with a natural-looking color.  Xtreme lash makes a brow marker we carry.

2. If you have a significant number of grays, color them temporarily.  We offer Brow and lash tinting that will last approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

3. If your brows are mostly gray, dyeing them is the best fix. Ask your stylist (brows can be colored when you get your haircolor service) or have it done at a spa.

4.  Overgrown Brows

The Problem: Bushy brows can make eyes look smaller. And longer, coarser hairs (which appear with age) may overhang at the outer edges, making lids look droopy.

The Solution: Trim, tweeze, and set hairs in place for arches that are under control.

Your Fix for Overgrown Brows

1. Brush all the hairs up with a clean mascara wand (disposable is best),  then use brow scissors to cut the tips of hairs that extend above the top edge of the brow line, one at a time. (Cutting them all with one snip across leaves a straight edge that looks unnatural.)

2. Next, use slant-tip tweezers to pluck stray hairs that grow outside the swath of hair that defines your natural brow shape. "This can be tricky, so we recommend going to a pro," says our estheticians.

3. Finish with clear brow gel to set hairs in place without darkening them.

Need more tips?  Schedule a complimentary eyebrow consultation with one of our Estheticians/Brow Stylists today at 440-526-3090

Friday, August 1, 2014

Easy Fun Summer Hairstyles

1. side swept pony tail

While polished perfection in hairstyling has its time and place, summer with its unavoidable heat and humidity renders such pursuits completely impractical. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on looking glam. Here are our favorite methods for making the "unfinished" look work for you—with two or less products and minimal time commitment. From boho braids to re-imagined ponies, we have the effortlessly chic looks that will keep you looking and feeling fresh through the long summer days (and nights).

2. Looped pony tail

Looped PonytailIt only takes a minute for this D.i.Y "done" but still a little, "undone" look. Plus it works for nearly all hair lengths (unless you have a super short 'do!).

Wrap N' Roll3. Wrap N' Roll

This look? No-brainer. Find an inexpensive hair wrap or scarf, knot it in the front of your head, and throw your hair up in a messy bun.

4. The Tuck 'n Cover

The Tuck 'n Cover Here's a chance to recycle two no-slip headbands. The first keeps your hair neatly pinned back while the second ties it all together

5. Fish Tail for Dummies 

Fishtail For Dummies Lauren Conrad's how to video for mastering a fish tail braid is so easy that hair newbies will be able to get the look in minutes.  Tip:  Try it with day old hair for more texture.

6. The Blair Waldorf
The Blair WaldorfThis look earns bonus points as a "bike friendly" style for active commuters.  That's because no helmet is messing with this upper east side do :)  Click the image to see the how to video.

Let your stylist know what looks you've tried :)